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Just a heads up, not everypony will fit, but everypony is apriciated

I see nothing different here…


THANKS FOR 500+! part 1
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Sorry this was kind of rushed… And my app couldn’t take that much colors and ponies and stuff.

Thank you!!!

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Happy Independence Day America!

Happy Independence Day America!

Who is that mysterious stallion? And why am I the only one who can see him? Tune in next time to find out! :P

He made me muffins! Just like he said he would >w<

Oh look, a bit! You know, if for some reason my two best friends were not getting along this would make a really convenient distraction.

EDIT: New speech bubble in the second panel should make the dialog more understandable

EDIT 2: Oops, panels 4 and 5 were switched

I see no way this could end badly :)